7-minute exercise diet

The tough guy’s weight loss method, the Singaporean man challenged the punching method of Superman Li Yuyu’s training method for 30 days. He stood up, sit-ups, squats and running. Although he lost only 5 kilograms from 70 kilograms in a month, his clothes picked up his belly. I lost my abdominal muscles when I disappeared.

Tough guy diet 7 minutes exercise diet 7 minutes exercise diet how to do

The teacher said the exercise method: 100 sit-ups per day, 100 squats, 100 push-ups, and 10 kilometers of running. It looks extremely simple, with very little training, but few people can stick to it. Today, Xiaobian teaches you a 7-minute exercise diet that can be adhered to. Many women in the micro-fat have become goddesses with a vest line.

The “7-minute exercise diet” was created by Australian fitness blogger Kayla Itsines. She has more than 9 million fans on the INS and has an annual income of over 50 million. Kayla also selected Forbes’ most influential fitness figures in the world, as well as Time magazine’s list of the most influential online people under the age of 30, and appeared in major fashion magazines.

These simple actions, in fact, the training part includes the arm, abdomen, legs, buttocks, etc., so as long as you stick to it every day, stick to it for 7 minutes, you can see the effect after one month, stick to one year, you will get a different surprise.

Tough guy diet 7 minutes exercise diet 7 minutes exercise diet how to do

Although this type of exercise is short-lived, the effect received is amazing. 7 minutes of circular exercise can increase muscle mass and enzyme activity in muscles, allowing more muscles to burn calories and increase the body’s basal metabolic rate. The most amazing thing is that its fat burning time will continue until the end of the sport! At rest, the body is still helping you to burn calories for a fixed intensity of continuous exercise, such as setting the treadmill to run at a constant speed for 30 minutes, the main effect is to burn fat in the current running, but many studies indicate that engaging in a 20-minute high-intensity training, the amounts of calories burned more than sustained exercise within 24 hours after the end. That is to say, when you are resting, the body is also burning fat, because interval training makes the body reach the limit and needs more calories to restore body function.

Some sports have a post-combustion effect (a phenomenon in which the body burns calories from shortness of breath, high body temperature and tempering state, that is, when you rest, the body is still helping you burn calories), but only high-intensity intermittent exercise burns afterward. More often, people often sweat. The effect of afterburning can last up to 72 hours, that is, within 3 days after the end of the exercise, your calories continue to burn. High-intensity interval training burns a lot of sugar and fat. After 15 weeks of training, it will lose 4 kg of fat more than 20 weeks of aerobic exercise. Because intermittent exercise not only has a warm “post-combustion”, it also promotes the secretion of adrenaline and growth hormone, fat oxidation, and high fat burning capacity of muscle cells.

Do more of this kind of cycle training, increase muscle mass, make the body firm, and avoid muscle loss with age. At the same time, it is reasonable to exercise almost all muscle groups up and down the whole body, and it is possible to get better fat burning results than ordinary aerobic exercise for one hour.

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