90% of these 4 habits make you getting fat after dinner

I often hear people swearing that eating is not active, and there are problems in their heads. Whether after school or after work, they don’t forget to rush into the restaurant for the first time, and then eat a big meal. After eating, I started to lie down, so others are getting thinner, and you are always growing meat. So what can I do after the meal to get meat? Note that it is not long meat! After all, not long meat is already losing weight, isn’t it?

Go to bed

Many white-collar workers are busy with work during the day, so they often rest immediately after eating. Sleeping after eating is not only easy to cause food to return, causing discomfort, but also can not consume food that is eaten. Going out and accumulating in the intestines is prone to the phenomenon that the heat in the food is converted into fat and thus gains weight.


The calorie of fruit is very low. Eating more fruits can make you lose weight. But eating fruit after a meal is a very wrong lifestyle. Eating fruit after a meal will not only affect our digestive function, but also the accumulation of sugar. This is because many fruits have high sugar content, and if they are eaten after a meal, they will be blocked behind the food and cannot be digested normally.

Strenuous exercise

Contrary to the first situation, some people do not take a break after eating, but start to exercise vigorously. They want to consume the calories from food by exercise, but because of your intense exercise, the blood flow of the body will accelerate and affect. The blood supply to the intestines, which affects the secretion of gastric juice, will result in better and worse conditions, and severe stomach sag.

Bathing after a meal

This is a situation that many people often make, unlike the three above, which have obvious common sense problems. There is often a saying in the folks that they are full of baths and are not hungry. This is a certain scientific basis. Taking a bath immediately after eating is prone to indigestion.

So what can I do to avoid obesity after eating?

Stand for 5 minutes against the wall after a meal

Don’t sit still after eating, stand straight against the wall, keep the heel, buttocks and head against the wall, then stand for 5 minutes and rest.

One hour walk after a meal

The activity time in the evening is relatively small, so the calories consumed by the body are also small. If you can exercise properly after eating, you can increase your body’s consumption. You can take a walk after an hour, not only to enjoy your body and mind but also to consume calories. Weight loss and not thinness are often between a thought, just like you control the appetite for a whole week, but indulge yourself by the weekend, then weight loss will not be effective, so you want to continue to lose weight, First, you have to find a way to continue.

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