Your sound can defined your healthy

When you hear someone’s voice, you can basically judge the health of the person. Traditional Chinese medicine summarizes the voices often issued by people as “calling, laughing, singing, crying, swearing”, and corresponding to the five internal organs ” liverheart , spleen , lung , kidney “, namely liver, heart, spleen, lung Crying, kidney sputum. When you hear someone’s voice, you can basically judge the health of the person, and immediately detect the body which has a problem with the body, and then adjust the body symptomically. If the sound is always hoarse and cough, be careful of lung cancer.

Angry will hurting the lungs

People with liver qi stagnation will make a “whistling” sound. In fact, this is an unconscious self-rescue function of the human body, which reduces the stagnation of liver qi by vocalization. Therefore, a friend of the liver fire can send more sounds, which helps to regulate emotions and keep the inner peace, so as not to hurt the liver.

In addition, people who are often angry and in a bad mood are very harmful to the health of the lungs and have a greater chance of developing cancer. When you are angry, your emotions will be impulsive, your breathing will be rapid, and even the phenomenon of hyperventilation will occur. The alveoli will continue to expand, and there will be no time to contract. It will not get the relaxation and rest that it deserves. It is very harmful to the health of the lungs. Being angry does not cause cancer, but the cause of cancer. When you are angry, you may wish to take a deep breath and let the alveoli get a rest.

Laughing too much

Frequent smiles can clear your heart and improve your health. But laughing too much, it will hurt your heart. If you laugh more and say more, you will feel flustered, not enough to use, and mostly guilty. Pay attention to the maintenance of your heart. Usually, the word “he” is often used to replenish the heart, which is good for treating palpitations, insomnia, and forgetfulness. When mood swings and moods are impermanent, you can eat some hawthorns, which have astringent effect, can prevent your heart from being too loose and protect your heart.

Singing has no temper

If the human body has a strong temper, the voice will be very loud, and the song will be bright and radiant. When the temper is empty, the voice is low, and the song is not emboldened. In fact, singing more, talking more, will hurt your temper. Therefore, people who like to sing should eat more yam, jujube, honey and other foods to replenish the spleen. Usually, the word “call” is often used to prevent spleen bloating, spleen and stomach discomfort, and loss of appetite.

Crying is not only weak

When the human lungs are strong, the sound of crying is very loud. If the lungs are qi, the crying will be low. When you are sad, crying and crying is a normal catharsis, which is good for your health. But if you cry often, it will damage your lungs. The lungs are mainly fur, and the lungs are not good. Therefore, raising the lungs is important to keep the mood optimistic, and usually send “ah” sounds. In addition, chewing walnuts 2 in the morning and evening every day, can raise lungs.

Always fear kidney deficiency

If you are not sick at all times, you will always be embarrassed, indicating that the kidney may have problems. It is recommended to eat more foods such as longan and yam. More words “blow” words, can ease the symptoms of waist and leg weakness, hot flashes, night sweats, dizziness and tinnitus.

Sound always hoarse cough, be careful of lung cancer

There are many reasons for hoarseness, which can occur in pharyngitis, colds and acute bronchitis, or after thyroid surgery or pharyngeal surgery, but also in vocalization and excessive speech, even after a large amount of smoking and drinking. However, such hoarseness can generally be treated symptomatically or with self-healing.

If deafness occurs suddenly, progresses rapidly, or even completely loses voice, and the patient is accompanied by chest pain, etc., after rest and anti-inflammatory symptomatic treatment for more than two weeks, it still has no effect, which is necessary to be alert to the danger of lung cancer. Hoarseness is one of the most important early features of lung cancer. In this case, go to the hospital as soon as possible to check the diagnosis, so as not to delay treatment.

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